Este es el listado de los contenidos creados.

  • 33rd National Conference for Teachers of English

    The English advisory invites all elementary and high school English teachers to participate in the 33rd National Conference of Teachers of English. It will take place at Centro Cultural Costarricense Norteamericano, from January 24th to January 26th 2018.

    For more information check the attachment  and for  registration visit: www.nctecostarica.or.cr


  • Invitation to a Training Session

    This is an invitation to attend the Capacitación en Pedagogía, Lengua y Literatura organized by the University of Costa Rica. The activity will be held from August 3rd to 5th at the Facultad de Letras, Rodrigo Facio Campus.

    Teachers who are willing to attend and who do not have schedule problems, either because they are not scheduled to work those days or because they work at night, may attend. Contact the organizing committee to get information on how to pay the registration fee.

    The deadline for registration is July 23rd.  


  • Meeting with American teachers and principals

    A group of American teachers will meet with English teachers from circuito 07 (Poas) in order to explain how both educational systems work, as well as to exchange ideas on the main challenges they face. The meeting will be held on July 27th and it is the result of the coordinated work of Immersion Abroad Costa Rica, circuito 07 supervisor and the English Advisory.

  • Third Conference for Teachers of English DREA-2016

    The third Conference for Teachers of English Alajuela-2016 will be held on August 8th and 9th. This year teachers from circuit 01 and 02 are the ones attending. Professors Dave Rath and Cody Villareal from Roane State Community College, Tennessee, are presenting.

    This activity is sponsored by Roane State Community College, MEP and Immersion Abroad Costa Rica. 

  • English Festival 2016

    Dear colleagues,

    The revised version of the manual for the English Festival 2016 will come out soon. 

    The word list for the spelling bee is essentially  the same; however, there is a group of Peace Corps volunteers who are in the process of revising the definitions and examples, based on the feedback given last year by teachers. They are also working on the secret list of words.

    We hope to send you the revised version of the list at the beginning of April.


  • Nueva Ubicación Física del Programa de Innovaciones Educativas

    Para las personas que tienen cita para inducciones a docentes y Analistas de Sistemas de reciente incorporación al Programa, y con el fin de facilitar el contacto con el Programa Nacional de Innovación Educativa en lo sucesivo, les informamos que a partir del Lunes 14 de marzo de 2016, estaremos ubicados en la Dirección de Recursos Tecnológicos para la Educación, sita San Francis