Descriptores para las Instituciones IPEC y CINDEA de la Educación de Personas Jóvenes y Adultas: Plan de Estudios nuevo de Inglés I y II Niveles


According to the circular letter DDC-DTCE-448-03-2018, IPECs and CINDEAs will start the implementation of the new English Curriculum in II Level as follows:

First period 2019

Scenarios( Units):  Here I Am!, Enjoying Life, Getting Back to Nature and Checking Things off a Shopping List

Second Period 2019

Scenarios (Units): Let’s Celebrate Costa Rican Culture!, Getting from Here to There, My High School…Our place and Let the Good Times Roll!

All the information required to carry out the syllabus is in this document. It includes the theoretical framework of the Syllabus as well as the scenarios (units), themes, sentence frames, vocabulary, phonology, functions, goals, assessment strategies and suggested mediation strategies teachers need to carry out in each period of the second level in 2019 and 2020.

Regarding the First Level, here it is the document with the descriptors for First Cycle.