Instrumento para el Diagnostico en Inglés de Secundaria en Modalidades Academica Tecnica y Bilingue


In order to determine the level of achievement of the previous learning outcomes in each level, it is necessary to carry out the diagnostic evaluation.

This diagnosis is very important for teachers  to reinforce, review or teach the prior knowledge that is necessary for students to be able to aquire the new subject in each level.

The following material is a resource that teachers may use to keep track of the result of their diagnostic process.

It consists of a template with the descriptors of what the students should be able to do for each language skill at each level.

There is a template for every year in academic school, talleres INCO, bilingual schools (LEBs) and Spanish-English Bilingual Sections (SEBIS) and academic English in technical schools.

Teachers may use the format that they prefer (excel or word).

The teacher chooses any of the scenarios (or themes), from the previous year, to design an activity for students to demonstrate if they have reached the can do descriptor.

For exampe, a descritor for listening in 8th grade is "Can recognize pieces of information to complete sentences frames (listening to write)." a possible activity that teachers could do is to use an audio of a person describing the things he likes to do (in this case the teacher decides to use the scenario Enjoying Life from 7th grade) Students may be asked to complete a sentence with the activity the person said:  "Peter loves reading."