Plantillas de Aprendizaje Base- English Base Learning Guides

Plantilla de Aprendizaje Base-Primaria

The main objective of these guides, within the framework of the national emergency caused by
COVID-19, is to provide a working route to guide teachers in the implementation of the syllabus, by showing the leaning outcomes considered fundamental during the rest of the school year

Teachers will complete their plans using these Plantillas de Aprendizaje Base 2020 (PAB), and they will include the Self study Guides (GTA) in the fourth column on the left (algunas actividades sugeridas), as an annex.

Each base learning guide starts in unit 1, but teachers do not have to teach these themes again if they have already taught them.

Each base learning guide also includes the corresponding assessment rubric for the learnings in each unit.

Scope & Sequence for Primary School                                                                                                                               Elementary School teachers will also find the documents "Scope & Sequence GAB __Grade" The purpose of these documents is to relate the learning outcomes, from the Guías de aprendizaje base, with the corresponding themes or cognitive targets and linguistic functions from the syllabus.

In this way elementary school teachers can relate the different goals or linguistic objectives, from the Plantillas de aprendizaje base, to specific contents, which will help them design the corresponding self-study guides (GTA).

These "Scope & Sequence GAB __Grade" documents for primary school are meant to be supporting materials. They do not substitute the official Plantilla de Aprendizaje Base template in any way.

You will find the base learning guides 2020 for elementary school, high school, academic English in technical education and the II and III modules at CINDEA and IPEC below.