Programacion Educativa Individual (PEI) para Ingles


Circular DVM-AC-003-2013 establishes the guidelines on curricular support and access for the attention of the educational needs of the students.

It contains five annexes, one of which (annex # 3) has been modified by circular DVM-AC-011-2021, which establishes how to carry out the individualized education program PEI (the acronym in Spanish)

The following video explains how to include the PEI in the regular lesson plan.

Below you will find the tempates for Informe de Funcionamiento AcadémicoRegistro de Apoyos and Informe de Salida de Ciclo.

There are also two lesson plan examples  that explain how to include the PEI in the planning when using the regular lesson plan.

We thank Sandra Araya Acuña, English advisor from Guapiles, and Shirley Rojas Leiva, English advisor from Norte Norte, for the materials provided.