Teacher´s Guide-Fourth Grade Unit 5 (What a Disaster!)

Fourth Grade, unit 5: What a Disaster!

This is the Teacher´s Guide for unit 5 for fourth grade. The unit´s name is "What a Disaster!"

Teachers can use it as a resource to get ideas to design the self-study guides (GTA).

Remember that in the "Plantillas de Aprendizaje" (PAB) you find the goals and assessment strategies to be taught in the school year 2020.

In the column of "ideas sugeridas" from the PAB template, teachers will include the GTA.

In order to design the self study guides (GTA), teachers may consult the teacher´s guide, but only for the goals indicated in the Plantilla de Aprendizaje Base (PAB).

For more information on Plantillas de Aprendizaje Base click HERE





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